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THE MIRANDANET FELLOWSHIP, established in 1992, is an international community of education professionals including teachers, policy makers, researchers and consultants who collaborate in exchanging ideas and support as well as publishing research studies, case studies and reports.  The overall aim of the Fellowship is to promote the enhancement of teaching and learning through innovations in pedagogical practices and edcuation technologies, across all phases of education. MirandaNet is free to join and if you are interested please go to this page.  I have been a member of the fellowship for some years and one of its several web developers.

MIRANDALINK is the email discussion list of the MirandaNet Fellowship. It has been live for over forty years where MirandaNet members can share and discuss their knowledge and experience of topics of general interest or newsworthy currency.  A subscription to MirandaLink is included in membership of the MirandaNet Fellowship (see link above).

The discussions on MirandaLink are often interesting and always reflect the relevant interests of members. Occasionally they are compiled by an editor into a useful resource consisting of the contributory posts (anonymised) and related resources such as links to articles, websites, newsfeeds etc. In this form they can be a starting point for further development. If used for such a purpose an acknowledge of the source is appreciated.

NOTE: from January 2019 MirandaNet is forming a strategic partnership with the Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association (TPEA) (formerly ITTE: the Association for Information Technology in Education). You can read about that new approach here.