Mobile Devices, Schools, Western Australia

By | November 15, 2019

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Mobile Device Ban in Western Australian Schools: A MirandaLink Discussion.

David Longman (TPEA)

November 2019


These notes are compiled from a discussion exchange on the MirandLink mailing list which was initiated by an expression of concern posted 1st November from a MirandaLink member about the recently announced Western Australia State Government ban on the use of mobile devices in schools.The discussion took place over a few days in early November soon after the WA ban as announced. 

Such bans are not uncommon and emblematic of fairly widespread public, professional and political concern about the unregulated use of mobile devices in schools. Outright bans on their use are often contentious, prompting responses both for and against.

This is an ongoing debate which has different resolutions in different localities and is far from resolved in this MirandaLink discussion. Where such bans might seem to be based on consensus they are often subject to modification in the light of new arguments and evidence.

These notes are in three sections:

Section 1: Context: a summary of the official WA government announcement about the ban, with further relevant links and comments

Section 2: MirandaLink posts: a condensed summary of posts made by participants during the MirandaLink discussion (this link closed to non-members);

Section 3: Comparison: set of Twitter replies to  a Tweet by Mike McGowan the current Premier of WA in which he announced the ban informally;