2030: Education Technology: to the future

Edtech Prognostications: 2020-2030

David Longman, December 2019

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” (Attributed to William Gibson)

The turn of a decade is a convenient calendar moment in which to consider what is to come, to look ahead to consider how educational technology (edtech) might develop during the coming decade.

Here are some possible questions for discussion:

  • How will edtech develop during the coming 10-15 years? 
  • How will the provision and ‘delivery’ of education change (if at all)?
  • Perhaps, most importantly, how can we influence the direction of the future?

To frame our thinking a little I link to three recent and interesting papers about possible futures of edtech. There are different futures to consider, each is possible, some are already emerging. (These articles are what Neil Selwyn and his colleagues describe as “social science fiction“.)

Two of the three articles (1 & 3) are open access and article 2 has been contributed by the authors.

Aiming to lighten the reading load a bit, I have added synopses of the articles. I think they are reasonably accurate summaries of the main content while offering a lighter/quicker read (feedback welcome). These are linked with each paper.

  1. What’s next for Ed-Tech? Critical hopes and concerns for the 2020s.(Nov 2019a)
    Neil Selwyn et al (The article is OA so just click the PDF button for file)
    SYNOPSIS here.
  2. What might the school of 2030 be like? An exercise in social science fiction. (Nov 2019b) Neil Selwyn et al  (Not OA – author copy)
    SYNOPSIS here.
  3. Students and society in the 2020s. Three future ‘histories’ of education and technology  (July 2019) MacGilchrist et al (OA – click PDF button)
    SYNOPSIS here.